Friday, December 18, 2009

Faster Reboot by disabling Lifeblog permanently

I know this has been posted before but this way Lifeblog will not startup on reboot !
1.First use jbak taskman to kill lifeblogserver process.
2.Make sure X-plore is set to show hidden files.
3.Then go to c:\data\lifeblog\database.
4.Now delete the file Lifeblog.db.
5.Reboot your phone
6.Again use jbak taskman to kill lifeblogserver process.
7.In X-plore, go to c:\data\lifeblog\database and select/highlight the Lifeblog.db file.
8.Press 6 and mark this file hidden and read-only by ticking the respective boxes.
9.Reboot your phone.
10.Now you have got yourself a faster phone. Njoy faster reboot.

If you want to use lifeblog again, go to c:\data\lifeblog\database and untick the boxes that you have ticked in step 8.


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