Saturday, November 13, 2010

PROCEDURE to watch FTA channels in dishtv without recharge

PROCEDURE to watch FTA channels in dishtv without recharge:

U have to do this procedure before the deactivation.Suppose your renewal date is 25th oct 2009.Then dish tv gives 2 to 3 days extra viewing periods with an Rs:20 extra gracecharge.So dishtv actually deactivate your settop box on 27th or 28th october.U better do this procedure on 26th or 27th october;because after deactivation this procedure couldn't be possible.I had tried it in my friend's settop box and he even has been watching since last 2 months without any recharge.


Goto>MAIN MENU>SETTINGS>STB INFO>OK>SETUP>press OK>HOME FREQUENCY> OK>(it shows the list of transports)>enter code: 7531 >it shows:frequency(MHz)------12688(this is the dishtv's home TP)>change it to 10990 (it is the dd direct+ home TP)> OK> BACK>LNB SETUP>it shows:LNB Hi frequency(MHz)--------10600(distv's)>change it to 09750 (dd direct's)or 13700(sundth's)>OK>EXIT> THEN IT'S LOADING>THEN GO TO CHANNEL SEARCH it gives TV CHANNELS:39 and AUDIO Channels:12 TP:3

if u r not satisified ;then again channge the home TP from 10990 to 11490;then after channel search,it shows TV CHANNELS:20 and AUDIO Channels:12 TP:2

Totally u can watch TV CHANNELS:59 and AUDIO Channels:24 TP:2
totally TP:5

Friends; please give the ideas to watch all the 59 and 24 channels at one search.I'll try cheking all 5 TPs;but there is no result.

WARNINGBig GrinO NOT ENTER 10600 AGAIN OR DISH TV TPs.otherwise u will again go to dishtv platform and they updated it.[/b][/color]

It really works.
Its our rights to watching FTA channels.

Trick to watch MOD channels without any message box

Trick to watch MOD channels without any message box !!!
In the MOD channels;DishTV provides viewers to watch the MOD movies in period of short times in the entire movie;but with irritating blue message box(To Order SMS...etc..etc..) in the middle of the screen.This is the following trick to dissapear that message box.

While watching MOD channels ; just go to active service & choose
SPORTS ACTIVE or any other active service which is not activated.

Then enjoy with full screen without any message box...:up::up::up:

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