Friday, October 1, 2010

How to Configure Gmail Account on Your N95/N73

Here is the short tutorial which allows your to configure Gmail Account on N95: (IMP: You must enable POP3 access of Gmail Account. Hint:Look inside Setting and POP forwarding Options on gmail web site)

1. Open Messaging Application
2. Goto Mail box. It asks you No mailbox defined. Define now? Choose Yes
3. Mailbox setup wizard will start. Press start to continue
4. Mailbox Type choose POP3, Press Next
5. On next screen type your email address (IMP: press the Pencil Key and highlight your email address then press Copy. This will save you typing)
6. Press Next
7. Enter as Incoming mail server, Press Next
8. Enter as Outgoing mail server, Press Next
9. Access Point, choose Always ask or your preferred one. press next
10. In Mailbox name keep gmail press next
11. Click Finish
12. Click Option and then Settings
13. Choose E-mail
14. Press on Mailboxes and then on Gmail
15. Press on Connection settings
16. Press on Incoming e-mail
17. Enter Username as (You may Press Pencil and then paste)
18. In Password type your password
19. Scroll down to security port and choose SSL/TLS
20. Press Back Button
21. Select Outgoing e-mail, Enter your username and password as described above
22. Scroll down to security port and choose SSL/TLS
23. Hit Back Button twice
24. Press on User settings
25. Enter your Name as you want to display and then go back
26. Goto Retrieval Settings
27. Click on E-mail to retrieve and change it to size limit and then enter 100KB or whatever you like in next screen. Press OK
28. Click on Back
29. If you have unlimited GPRS connection then goto Automatic retrieval and change it otherwise leave as it is.
30. Click back button multiple times so that you are back to main screen.
31. Now when you start Messaging Application you will see Gmail Account goto it and retrieve your email.
32. You can also send email attach images with it etc. Have fun ;)


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