Saturday, November 13, 2010

PROCEDURE to watch FTA channels in dishtv without recharge

PROCEDURE to watch FTA channels in dishtv without recharge:

U have to do this procedure before the deactivation.Suppose your renewal date is 25th oct 2009.Then dish tv gives 2 to 3 days extra viewing periods with an Rs:20 extra gracecharge.So dishtv actually deactivate your settop box on 27th or 28th october.U better do this procedure on 26th or 27th october;because after deactivation this procedure couldn't be possible.I had tried it in my friend's settop box and he even has been watching since last 2 months without any recharge.


Goto>MAIN MENU>SETTINGS>STB INFO>OK>SETUP>press OK>HOME FREQUENCY> OK>(it shows the list of transports)>enter code: 7531 >it shows:frequency(MHz)------12688(this is the dishtv's home TP)>change it to 10990 (it is the dd direct+ home TP)> OK> BACK>LNB SETUP>it shows:LNB Hi frequency(MHz)--------10600(distv's)>change it to 09750 (dd direct's)or 13700(sundth's)>OK>EXIT> THEN IT'S LOADING>THEN GO TO CHANNEL SEARCH it gives TV CHANNELS:39 and AUDIO Channels:12 TP:3

if u r not satisified ;then again channge the home TP from 10990 to 11490;then after channel search,it shows TV CHANNELS:20 and AUDIO Channels:12 TP:2

Totally u can watch TV CHANNELS:59 and AUDIO Channels:24 TP:2
totally TP:5

Friends; please give the ideas to watch all the 59 and 24 channels at one search.I'll try cheking all 5 TPs;but there is no result.

WARNINGBig GrinO NOT ENTER 10600 AGAIN OR DISH TV TPs.otherwise u will again go to dishtv platform and they updated it.[/b][/color]

It really works.
Its our rights to watching FTA channels.


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